Black/Yellow M-XL w/PT Chest, TB Waist & TB Legs

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Convenient slots offer workers a place to clip their radio, flashlight, pager, cell phone, or Hydrapak straw. This adjustment area allows 4" of chest strap adjustment. All Edge Series harnesses feature a"Quick-Connect" friction torso buckle with a release tab. Positioning D-rings are backed with heavy duty cordura and a wear pad to increase durability. Our innovative tool belt features a slide-on strap that can be completely removed in a fall situation to relieve some of the weight. Slide your own bags onto this lightweight application, or use your regular tool bag over this application. Special web keepers and sewing process keeps our webbing secure to the harness. A back pad comfortably keeps the harness in a vest shape while still allowing for dorsal D-ring adjustment. Back pad includes an inside pocket that houses a cool-heat or hydration pack.FEATURES: 5 points of adjustment.Premium Edge Series Harnesses