DeWalt 1"-2"x1/2" 16ga Medium Crown Stapler

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Product Features: Lightweight tool provides enhanced maneuverability and aids in minimizing user fatigue,Cycle rate of 20 fasteners/second (@ 100 psi) provides a speed rating that works as fast as you do,Low air consumption rating consumes less air per shot, allowing the tool to cycle faster and more consistently,Clean nose area aids in more exact fastener placement,Tool-free jam clear eliminates down-time from bent fasteners caught in the nosepiece,Tool-free depth adjustment assists in locating the perfect depth setting for precise nail penetration,Tool-free 360degrees exhaust channels air and dust away,Trigger lock-off allows trigger to be disabled when not in useD51431 Includes: DEWALT Safety Glasses,(2) Allen wrenches,Replacement sequential trigger